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announcing our inaugural
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We hope our program theme, combined with the opportunity to have your new composition premiered by a professional chamber choir, will light a spark of inspiration to compose a new work!


Our final concert this 2018-19 season will coincide with Rhode Island Pride and will feature music by, about, and for LGBTQIA* individuals and communities. We are seeking choral scores featuring texts that may be directly relevant to LGBTQIA* experiences, but may also deal with broader intersecting themes, such as the general theme of PRIDE, celebrating diversity & inclusion, empowering marginalized voices, etc.  


Entrants are encouraged to submit a brief explanation of why they chose their text and explain its connection to the theme of our concert. Collegium Ancora will perform the world premiere of the winning entry during our June 2019 performance.




February 1, 2019     All submissions and entry fees must be received by 11:59pm EST

March 1, 2019     Announcement of the winning composition

June 2019     Premiere performance of the winning composition by Collegium Ancora


All submissions must:

-  be original and not previously performed in a public performance*

-  fit within the thematic criteria outlined under “Contest Details” above

-  adhere to the additional specific criteria outlined below

* public performance is defined in the U.S. copyright law to include any music played outside a normal circle of friends and family.


Difficulty Level

Any level of technical difficulty is welcomed. We are mainly interested in pieces that provide both the ensemble and the audience with a rewarding musical experience.



SATB, with possible divisi



-  Text must be related to the theme of the concert program, as described above.

-  Any language will be considered; however, please include a transliteration of non-English texts.

-  Text must originate from one of the following options:

      1. In the Public Domain

      2. Of the composer’s own creation

      3. Accompanied by documentation clearly confirming the composer has secured permission to set the text to music and to present it in public performance.*

* any and all costs related to securing said copyright permission is solely the responsibility of the person submitting the composition entry.



-  a cappella

-  Piano

Duration (Length of Composition)

-  Minimum: 2 minutes

-  Maximum: 8 minutes


-  There are no restrictions regarding who may enter.

-  There is no limit to how many compositions any one composer can submit; however, an entry fee is required per composition.


All submissions will be initially reviewed by the Artistic Director of Collegium Ancora to ensure each submission meets the specified criteria.

A panel comprised of three judges will review the contending entries and will choose the winning composition. This evaluation will take into account the quality of the piece, the relationship to the thematic content, and its suitability for a successful performance by Collegium Ancora.

In the event that the panel decides to perform more submissions in addition to the winning composition, those composers will be notified and permission to perform their composition requested.

Scores that are not selected for performance will be deleted.


First Prize: $500 (US) plus a world premiere performance by Collegium Ancora

Runner(s) up: $50 (US) plus a world premiere performance by Collegium Ancora

The winning composer and composition will be announced on March 1, 2019. Winners are welcome to attend the premiere performance, but will be responsible for their own travel expenses.


Collegium Ancora reserves the right not to award a prize.


Scores must be submitted via our website.  Click the "Submit Score" button below to complete the entry form (Google account required, please contact us if this is a problem) and upload your PDF, then click the "Submit Entry Fee" button to provide the entry fee via our secure PayPal account.





Submission Deadline is FEBRUARY 1, 2019, 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time

Application/Entry Fee:

$35 entry fee per submission is required for consideration


Criteria for submitting scores:

-  Scores must be in American Letter-size (8.5 X 11 inches) portrait format

-  Scores must be clear and ready for performance, using standard music printing notation and readable text size.

-  Entry scores must have no composer/arranger information on it so that evaluation and judging of each composition can be conducted anonymously.

-  All scores must be submitted electronically as a PDF.


Supporting material (encouraged, but not required):

-  A narrative about the piece indicating the choice of text and how it relates to the theme, as well as information relating to the composer and/or compositional process, if desired.

-  Some type of recording of the piece (e.g. synthesized, keyboard, multitrack, etc.); it is of course understood that a full choral recording will not be available.

Download a copy of the full competition information: 

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions!
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