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At Collegium Ancora, we believe that the arts are for everyone.  That's why we hope that you'll join us for a choral concert that we've designed to be welcoming to people of all ages and all abilities ...and yes, that means you!


The traditional expectations of "concert etiquette" end up excluding too many people from experiencing the joy and beauty of the performing arts.  At this concert, audience members are free to take in the performance in whatever way feels appropriate to them.  We welcome guests to sit, stand, or move around.  You can make noise, sing along, or enjoy the concert from a quieter space.  Exit and return as you need.  We want you to enjoy your time with us, so please do what you need to do to feel at ease. 


We realize that financial barriers also prevent many individuals and families from enjoying the arts.  For these performances, our regular prices are cut in half.  General admission is $10/individual, or for $25, bring the whole family (up to 2 adults and any number of others in their care).  Neighborhood Health Plan members can show their Neighborhood card at the door for free admission. 


The performance space, restrooms, and parking are wheelchair-accessible.  If you have particular questions about how your party's needs can be accommodated, please contact Sarah at!


We hope to see you there!

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